Two students sitting outside looking at laptops.
Michael Flynn, director of Mount Holyoke’s math leadership program, tells parents not to sweat the small stuff like laptop features — internet is key.
Michael Lawrence Riddell, MATL'21
Michael Lawrence-Riddell, MATL’21 talks to the Gazette about putting together narrative-based multimedia resources about race in American history.
Lachanda Garrison, MATM '19
Named Department of Defense Education Activity Teacher of the Year and is now in the selection process for National Teacher of the Year.
Kaneka Turner MAT ’15 cofounded Black Women Rock Math to connect with, network with and celebrate Black women teaching math.
Mount Holyoke alum Kaneka Turner MAT ’15 has created an initiative to celebrate Black women in mathematics.
Michael Lawrence-Riddell, MAT’21 receives grant
Michael Lawrence-Riddell, MAT Teacher Leadership ’21 was awarded a large grant for his work on Self-Evident Media. Congratulations, Michael!
This is a screenshot of author Sonia Nieto teaching via Zoom, with 15 other participants.
The Professional and Graduate Education program now offers an online program for teachers working with culturally and linguistically diverse students.
Beth Brady
Beth Brady, MATM’18 was a guest contributor to Larry Ferlazo’s Education Week Blog. Read the article: “Less is More in Math Distance Learning.”
Lisa Galoppo, MAT'21 wins award
Lisa Galoppo MAT Mathematics ’21 is one of the recipients of Washington Township’s Educator of the Year Award for 2020-2021. Congratulations, Lisa!
Two students and one faculty member looking at a tablet in a classroom setting.
Mount Holyoke’s graduate program has been awarded $250,000 to help local teachers and students transition back to the classroom post-pandemic.
Little Things First - Little Things Can Make a Big Difference
His episode is entitled “Moving too fast to abstract island: Building bridges to the comprehension of mathematics.”
Icon of a computer and Learning Success Graphic.
have co-authored an article for Faculty Focus. Read the article: “An Educational Shift: Encouraging Mission-Driven Online Learning”.
Rose Levine
Two-time alumna and fifth-grade teacher Rose Levine examines the case for —and against — reopening elementary schools this fall.
Kaitlin Shaughnessy, MATM'19
Kaitlin Shaughnessy, MAT Mathematics '19 was featured in Metro West's article What is it like to teach in an empty building?
Michael Flynn and the host on news channel 12 - Long Island News
Michael Flynn, director of the math leadership programs was a guest on Long Island News 12's Morning Show to discuss distance learning.
Photo of Alicia Lopez
Alicia Lopez, MAT faculty was a finalist for the Massachusetts State Teacher of the Year award. Congratulations, Alicia!
Beth Brady
Beth Brady MAT’18 is the recipient of the US Math Recovery 2020 Educator Award.