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The Nonprofit Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship Institute provides opportunities for personal and professional development to support emerging leaders who want to increase their scope of impact. 

Our limited residency hybrid courses are designed to support busy professionals and to maximize the best of accelerated online learning, face-to-face learning, and community building. In our summer courses, participants start the courses online, come to campus for three intensive days, and after the intensive continue building and applying knowledge with the mentorship of faculty.

This model takes the best of what happens in a professional conference and pairs it with the on-going support as learners continue to develop and evolve their skills over the course of the month. 

Whether you are looking to take classes in order to start a new career or build skills for the path you are on, we can help you take the next steps.

Upcoming Summer Courses 

Summer 1 (May 29 - July 6, 2018 with on-campus residencies either June 7-9 or June 10-12)

  • X.MGMT 436: Creating and Sustaining Public-Private Partnerships (2 cr)
  • X.MGMT 452: Fair Trade & Sustainable Tourism (2 cr)
  • X.CMPTC 443: Data Visualization: Presenting Data to Build Understanding and Insights (2 cr)
  • X.MEDIA 426: New Media and Activism (2 cr)
  • X.MEDIA 431: Storytelling: Crafting Effective Narratives Across Media (2 cr)
Summer 2 (July 9 - August 10, 2018 with on-campus residencies either July 19-21 or July 22-24)
  • X.MGMT 429CP: Building Effective Organizations: Creativity, Problem Solving and Decision Making (2 cr)
  • X.MGMT 429MM: Building Effective Organizations: Mentorship Models to Grow Leadership (2 cr)
  • X.MGMT 441: Diversity and Intercultural Management (2 cr)
  • X.COMM 436: Persuasive Communications (2 cr)
  • X.MGMT 416: Participatory Community Development (2 cr)

Other Courses Recently Offered

  • X.MGMT 418: Project Management for Nonprofits and Social Entrepreneurs (2 cr)
  • X.MGMT 429CU: Building Effective Organizations: 'Inclusion and Cultural Competency' (2 cr)
  • X.COMM 405: Speaking with Confidence: Leadership for Women (1 cr)
  • X.COMM 413: Building Bridges: Facilitating Courageous Conversations (2 cr)