Lenore Reilly

Assistant Professor of Psychology and Education; Senior Advisor to the President; Interim Director of PaGE

Megan Allen

Director, Master of Arts in Teacher Leadership

Virginia Bastable

Director of the Mathematics Leadership Program

Beverley J.M. Bell

Director of the Master of Arts in Teaching Program

Michael Flynn

Visiting Instructor in Psychology & Education; Director, Mathematics Leadership Program

Mike Flynn leads the Master of Arts in Mathematics Teaching program. Flynn's latest book, Beyond Answers: Exploring Mathematical Practices with Young Children centers on creating interactive and engaging online learning. He also designed the dynamic hybrid learning model which blends on-campus and online students for live, interactive learning in mathematic classrooms. Flynn also travels around the country providing professional learning experiences for K-8 teachers.

Michael Flynn, Visiting Instructor in Psychology & Education; Director, Mathematics Leadership Program

Roberto Mugnani

PAGE Director of Program Development

Catherine Swift

Assistant Director, Masters of Art in Teaching Program


Gwen Bass

Placement Coordinator, Masters of Art in Teaching

Gwen Bass is a doctoral student in special education at the University of Massachusetts–Amherst and holds an M.Ed. in school counseling. Her professional experience includes 10 years of teaching in Pre-K–12 special education and general education settings. Gwen teaches courses on special education and inclusion at the Five Colleges. The focus of her scholarship is on enhancing opportunities for marginalized students and improving educational access and outcomes for children with learning differences.

Jacqueline Collette

Pre-Health Programs Coordinator

Amy Nichols

PAGE Senior Administrative Assistant

Janet Paquette

Senior Administrative Assistant, Math Leadership Program