Nicola Platzer

Nikki Platzer chose the road less traveled for college and moved across the Atlantic to attend the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. While there, she studied biology and French, finishing her four years with a thesis on the physiological benefits of yoga for patients with Parkinson's Disease. In her final year, she began investigating physical therapy programs around the world. In order to fill the gaps in her preparation, she applied to postbaccalaureate programs along the East Coast, and chose Mount Holyoke for the program size and the flexibility of classes.

In her final semester, Nikki reported, “Having the time to orientate myself with the U.S. college and graduate school system has really helped me find the best DPT programs in which I can focus on neuro rehabilitation.” In addition to her course work in the program, Nikki served as team manager for the MHC track and field team and shadowed therapists at Baystate Medical Center. She spent the following academic year shadowing at a private PT practice in South Hadley while applying to physical therapy school.