Course Requirements

As career-changers, students entering the postbac program have not completed any college-level science.  Preparation for medical school requires the basic science and math courses listed below.  Ten courses are covered by the program tuition, and course schedules will be customized based on individual student background. Examples include:

  • General Chemistry I & II
  • Biology I & II
  • Organic Chemistry I & II
  • Physics I & II
  • Calculus I or Statistics
  • Biochemistry

All students are welcome to take additional upper-level courses on a per-course tuition basis.

Postbaccalaureates design their own programs with the close consultation with the Director of Pre-Health Programs in order to fulfill the specific prerequisites needed for application to medical school. Most postbaccalaureates study mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, biochemistry, and English, all of which are among the suggested minimum admission requirements for medical school. Independent work with a faculty member is encouraged and supported. Postbaccalaureates have the option of a part-time (two courses per semester) or full-time (three or four courses per semester) course load.

The program offers intensive summer courses in General Chemistry, Physics, and Organic Chemistry -- in addition to courses during the academic year -- thus allowing students greater flexibility in planning their program of study.