Research and Internships

Mount Holyoke College’s Postbaccalaureate Pre-Medical Program also has the distinction of helping students locate and acquire internships and research opportunities, which are an essential part of preparing for. Since medical schools expect applicants to have some firsthand knowledge of the field they wish to enter, it is important to acquire clinical experience through internships or employment. These hands-on experiences hone your understanding of a medical career you have chosen and provide essential focus for your planning.

Internships and research positions that postbaccalaureate students have held include:

  • working as medical scribes
  • interning with a physician in the pediatric intensive care unit at Baystate Children’s Hospital
  • assisting with a study of the biomechanics of hind limb flexor muscles in frogs
  • working as a research assistant at the Yale University School of Medicine in a study of treatments for HIV-infected/opiate-addicted patients