Professional Development for Coaching Mathematics

Photo of a MATL professor working with graduate students

July 12-16, 2021

This institute is a must for any math coach, math specialist, or teacher leader looking to develop their craft in supporting adult learners through a math coaching model. Whether you’re new to math coaching or have been doing it for years, this week-long professional learning experience is for you.  Join us on campus or online to experience some of the best professional learning for leaders in mathematics education.

As math coaches, you face a number of challenges in your position.

  • You need to foster strong relationships with all of your colleagues and build trust among them.
  • You encounter resistant behaviour as teachers grapple with change and at times push back.
  • You have to navigate that middle ground between what administrators want and what your teachers need.
  • Oftentimes it feels like you’re the one providing all of the professional learning which leaves little time for you to grow yourself.

Let us help

We’ve been supporting math coaches for over a decade and we have developed this week-long coaching institute to help you navigate the challenges you face and to help group your skills as a math coach. Whether you’re new to the position or have been a math coach for years, this institute is for you.  Learn from experienced math coaches who understand the position and the rewards and challenges it has to offer.

What to expect

During this highly interactive institute, you will investigate mathematics related to K-8 classroom settings, analyze case studies of math coaching, and explore the following essential issues you face:

  • Cultivating relationships based on mathematics teaching and learning with inexperienced, experienced, and teachers that are resisting change.
  • Preparing for and conducting classroom observations.
  • Planning for and facilitating mathematics discussions during teacher meetings.
  • Framing the connection between your goals and the goals of your teachers.
  • Collaborating with principals and district administrators.
  • Refining and reflecting on coaching practices.
  • Preparing for and conducting learning labs in classrooms.
Three graduate students working at a table in Kendade Hall

This course will be offered in an online format in July 2021.


“This is the first course I’ve done through MHC and I was very impressed. The week was thought-provoking, practical, inspirational, and fun. There was a real sense of building something together and learning with and from each other, in ways that can hopefully continue. I would definitely recommend the course to others, and I appreciate the option of being able to participate online. A big thanks to the whole team that contributed to making the experience a success.”

“This course is an absolute must for any math coach. I was thrown into this coaching role in my school and was really unsure where to begin with this work. Thanks to what I learned this week, I’m actually really excited to get started.”

“I can’t thank Polly enough for such an eye-opening week. I’ve been a math coach for a number of years and have never really got a chance to experience professional development that was aimed directly at the work I do. I have so many new ideas to consider and it was great to network with all the other coaches. Thank you so much.”