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There are federal financial aid loan forgiveness programs for teachers to encourage people to enter and continue in the teaching profession! 

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Procedures for Graduate Students

How do I apply for an extension or incomplete?

Incompletes and extensions are not part of the regular academic plan. These are to be used to address unanticipated emergencies only. During the semester, course instructors have full discretion with regard to the granting of extensions when students need extra time to complete assignments or examinations. Prior to the last class in a given semester, however, students who need an extension must consult with their instructor. In order to be eligible for an extension to complete work for a course beyond the end of the semester a student must document a medical or personal emergency that could not have been anticipated which prevents them from completing the final work in a course.

Faculty are not allowed to accept work after the noon deadline on the last day of the examination period unless a student has an authorized extension. Students are strongly advised to plan ahead as much as possible and request an authorized extension.

How to apply for an extension/incomplete:

  1. Students formally requests an extension using the form at the following link prior to the last class for the given semester:
  2. The formal online request details the process fully and will be sent to our Executive Director for review.
  3. The Executive Director will consult with the course instructor when determining whether to grant/deny the extension/incomplete.
  4. The student and instructor will be informed of the final decision.
  5. If approved the student and the instructor will finalize an agreed upon date for the extension.
  6. All outstanding work must be completed in compliance with the agreed upon timeline in order to continue with your academic plan.

How do I withdraw from a course?

Withdrawals must be processed prior to the deadline set in the academic calendar for that semester in order to be eligible for a “W” on the transcript.

  1. Student meets with advisor to request dropping course.
  2. Advisor discusses options so student understands that he/she will be responsible for paying for the course again (when retaken) and that a % of the current course charges will be charged (as indicated on the SFS website) depending on when the dates of the withdraw occur in the semester
  3. Upon advisor approval, advisor/student contact professor(s) to indicate plan
  4. Student:
  • Completes required withdraw form through the Registrar.
  • Gets professor signature.
  • Submits to Registrar on the ‘prior to date’ indicated on academic calendar.

How do I voluntary withdrawal from the College?

Official notification must be given by the student in order to withdraw from the College.  A student may withdraw by logging into my.mtholyoke, selecting Requests & Applications from the Self-Service Menu, and then selecting "Withdraw from the College" to access the online form to complete and submit.  

A student should contact Student Financial Services to determine how a withdrawal will affect the student's financial aid. A partial tuition refund may also be available.