Housing, Meals and Host Families

The Language and Culture Program participants will experience university residential life in Russia in a recently renovated residence hall for international students. Russian language scholars from other European countries such as Poland, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia and France reside in other sections of the hall, creating a rich multicultural community.  Each floor of the hall is divided into sections of 4-5 double rooms that share a bathroom. The hall also has wireless internet access, air conditioning and TV as well as kitchen and laundry facilities on each floor.  It is located only a short (about a mile) bus or tram ride from the University.

Local Russian families will host gatherings, dinners and outings for program participants, so weekends may be occupied with swimming at the beach, sharing a home cooked Russian meal with family and enjoying one of the many cultural and art festivals held during the Kaliningrad summer.

Group meals, such as those during excursions or family weekend program activities are covered in the comprehensive program fee.  Other meals can be purchased and prepared by program participants in the residence hall.  Participants also have a wide variety of reasonably priced restaurants to choose from in Kaliningrad.  A University plan for lunches may also be purchased at a cost of six dollars/meal.

The newly renovated residence hall at the University features comfortable shared double rooms connected to common living areas and a kitchen on each floor.