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Kaliningrad is the westernmost point of Russia, separated from the main part of the country by Lithuania and Belorussia. The Kaliningrad region borders on Lithuania in the east and Poland in the west. It is geographically isolated from the rest of Russia encircled by Poland and Lithuania and the Baltic Sea.

In 2013, Kaliningrad was recognized as, “the best city for doing business in Russian” by Forbes magazine. RBC Media group published the list of "Seven Most Beautiful Cities of Russia", which are the most attractive for foreign and domestic tourism, and Kommersant publishing house has released its annual rating of the best cities in Russia. Kaliningrad was rated number one in both ratings. 


At the beginning of the program, the faculty leader and participants will visit Moscow (June 26-27, 2014) en route from JFK Airport in New York City to Kaliningrad.  The group will spend two days exploring Moscow while living in an international hostel. The Moscow itinerary will include places such as: Red Square, the Kremlin, Tretyakov Gallery (Russian art museum), Tolstoy Museums and other important landmarks. Later the group leader and participants will continue traveling together to Kaliningrad, arriving on June 28.