Taboo: eXtreme Dialogs
~ extreme dialogues ~

Students, Faculty, Staff and community members are all welcome.

No homework, no prep, just REAL conversations!

These "hot topic" dialogues incorporate techniques developed, and facilitated by the Office of Residential Life, Student Programs, the Counseling Center, Eliot House, and Dean of Students. Other staff, faculty, and student guest facilitators occasionally host the sessions.

At a TABOO dialogue, every effort is made to make space so that all personal perspectives on a topic can be shared. It's an "uncomfortable zone/safe space." A healthy place to explore ideas and feelings while leaning into your own sometimes uncomfortable growing edges. These dialogues are "one-offs" (you dont' need to enroll, or come for multiple sessions).  You can participate once or often.

Students, Staff, Faculty, and Community members are welcome.

To suggest a topic or recommend a facilitator drop an email to us - Taboo.

Listing of Previous Taboo Series Dialogues


Check back often to see what dialogues are coming up... (Taboo dialogues can be any day of the week, most any time for 1.5 hours)

Wed. Feb 18, 2015 ~ 4:30pm to 6pm
TABOO: Do our conditions define us?

How do you think your day-to-day experiences might change if you developed a physical/mental/emotional condition that altered you? Ailism refers to social discrimination against people with hindering medical conditions: a problem pervasive in our society yet too rarely discussed and addressed. What does Ailism mean to those who face it? How should our society allocate resources to accommodate people with medical conditions? What terms do we use to refer to people with medical conditions and how can these be problematic? Join us for a hard, open, honest discussion.

Facilitators: Yada Pruksachatkun, Savannah Sevenzo, and Jaleh McTeigue
Location: Blanchard Lounge (227)


Wednesday, March 4th, 5:30 to 7pm
TABOO: Addressing Income Inequality

please check back for dialog description

Location: Blanchard Lounge (227)

Taboo: eXtreme Dialogs


Suggested Topics with faciltiators and dates tba include...

- Feeling Broke and Left Out: Facing the rising costs of belonging to a college community.
- Food Justice issues
- Women's relationships to "Authority" around the globe
- Invisible Femmes
- Politics of "Academic English"
- Cyberbullying / Hate Crimes vs. Freedom of Expression On-line

- Bi/Multiracial Identity and the Politics of Being Enough

- transgender culture at a historically womens' college

- media influences on 'rape culture'


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