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Begun in 2007, by Student Programs in collaboration with the January Intersession class hosted by the Anthropology Department, Making Class Visible, this unique trade-marked campus series launched to offer dialog opportunities for students, staff, and faculty to take time for conversations about taboo topics that often get ignored or avoided in day-to-day life. These "hot topic" dialogues incorporate techniques developed, and facilitated by the Office of Residential Life, Student Programs, the Counseling Center, Eliot House, and Dean of Students. Other staff, faculty, and student guest facilitators occasionally host the sessions.

At a TABOO dialogue, every effort is made to make space so that all personal perspectives on a topic can be shared. We think of it as a "discomfort zone/safe space." Promoted as a healthy place to explore intellectual ideas as well as feelings about a topic while leaning into your own sometimes uncomfortable growing edges, these dialogues are "one-offs" (you don’t need to enroll, or come for multiple sessions). As a participant or a facilitator you can participate once or often.



September 2015

At present the specific Taboo series is on hiatus, but if you are a fan of dialogue and deep topical conversation in community there are many other conversations and projects to connect to at Mount Holyoke!

Please drop a note to Dean Marcella Runell Hall and express your interest so that you can get connected to future opportunities.



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Taboo: eXtreme Dialogs


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