Explorations at SEARCH

Each day students will investigate one or two of the following topics for 1 to 2 hours at a time.
Each week will present the opportunity to explore different topics.

SET and Geometry with Professor Jim Morrow
        Learn to play the card game SET and then use geometry
        and coding to investigate the game.

Expand Your Mind with Master Teacher Stan Samuelson and Professors Char & Jim Morrow
        Learn new ways of observing and seeing the world ---
        learn to think deeply; learn to ask questions and pose problems.

Polyhedra from Polygons with Professor Reva Kasman
        Learn how to construct surprising polyhedra by gluing
        together the edges of a polygon in special ways.

Symmetry and Groups with Professor Ulrica Wilson
        Study the algebra involved in an idea found in both mathematics
        and the "real" world in which we live - symmetry.

Astronomy with Professor Mike Stage
        Use geometry to measure the distances to the stars!

Edge-Coloring Problems with Professor Char Morrow
        Investigate the surprisingly large number of differently colored
        cubes you can make with a small number of colors --- and learn
        some modular origami along the way.

Networks and Finite Graphs with Emily Weber
        Learn about finite graphs and then how they can help solve
        problems like designing schedules of activities by coloring the
        vertices of finite graphs.

Unit Origami: Folding in Geometry with Sensei Kazuhito Yamanaka
        Learn to fold beautiful paper squares into geometric objects
        and improve your ability to visualize. Our guest teacher joins us from Japan.

Students will also have workshops that will last 2 weeks each. In these workshops students will gain a sense of how mathematics is applied.

Robotics with Master Teachers Rena and André Schklowsky
        Be part of an engineering design team. Use Lego building
        blocks, gears, and motors to design and build a car, and
        control the car with a computer program.

Architecture with Designer/Artists Sue Katz & Dan Reif
        Design your own dream house and build a model of it
        using home builder design materials. See Dan's Design Site.

Designing with Technology with Master Teacher Louise Grosslein
        Learn how to make computers work for you. Use Logo to learn
        some geometry, create beautiful designs ... and more.