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Mount Holyoke College

"I like the way we met all kinds of people from everywhere and how we became a community and family in the end."
-SM student, Grants, NM

"I don't think I've ever been so happy in math class before."
-- SM student, Bedford, NH

SummerMath Classes
At SummerMath you won't just sit in class listening to lectures, and you won't spend hours struggling with math problems by yourself. In each class you will work in pairs, and use your hands, your eyes, your imagination, and each other to discover how math is applies to everyday life. Your instructors and classmates will listen to you and take you seriously. When you have questions, they will work with you to understand. It is a work in which creativity and problem-solving replace lectures and formulas. A typical day at SummerMath will be fun, challenging, and varied. Many students find that friendships made at SummerMath last for years.
After Class

After classes end, you'll have time to write letters, talk to friends, use the Mount Holyoke computer facilities, and participate in the afternoon recreation program which focuses on athletics. Mount Holyoke's Kendall Sports and Dance Complex provides facilities for basketball, swimming, tennis, aerobics, dance, squash, and more. The College's 800 acre campus provides a beautiful setting for running, walking, and biking. You will live in a college dormitory, where the residence program is organized by an experienced Head Resident. There are also college-student Residence Assistants, one for every ten students, who provide supervision and mentoring.