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Mount Holyoke College

SummerMath consistently attracts students from a wide spectrum of backgrounds. No matter who you are, you'll meet people who are like you and people who are unlike you. You'll grow from your differences as well as your similarities.

You'll live in a college dormitory with undergraduates, many of them Mount Holyoke students, as resident advisers (RAs). The RAs are close in age to SummerMath students, but with more experience, so they provide both support and friendship. There is one RA for every ten students, and an experienced Head Resident who provides planning and supervision for all students and residence staff.

"I loved living in the dorm and I liked the RAs. They had a closeness about them and such a warm personalities that you couldn't help but feel like you were at home."
-SM student, Fort Washington, MD

On a typical day, when classes end, you'll have time to write letters, talk to friends, use the Mount Holyoke computer facilities, and participate in the afternoon recreation program, which focuses on athletics. Mount Holyoke's Kendall Sports and Dance Complex provides facilities for basketball, tennis, swimming, aerobics, dance, squash, and more. The College's 800-acre campus provides a beautiful setting for running, walking, and biking.

"I loved staying in a dorm. My roommate was awesome. All the girls were
so fun and great to be around. I made so many friends."
-- SM student, Pelham Manor, NY

Evening is time for rest and relaxation. The dorm's common areas provide space for everything from DJ dance parties to informal discussions on current issues. In a speaker series, professional women share their experiences and expertise in fields ranging from architecture to physics. Some students take advantage of the dorm's grand piano, or bring their own instruments. You might watch a video one night and attend a musical performance at a local coffeehouse the next.

"I loved the residence experience. I got a whole new experience from it.
I made friends, had fun, and learned new things. The staff was the best --
they were always there to help and made my life easier."
-SM student, Brooklyn, NY

Midway through the program there is a Community Day festival featuring music, dance, food, and poetry readings from cultures represented by SummerMath students. On weekends there are day trips. In Boston you can visit the Museum of Science, historic sites, the New England Aquarium and the waterfront. Across the river, in Cambridge, you can explore Harvard Square, where skateboarders, street musicians, and chess players all occupy the same block across the street from Harvard University.