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Mount Holyoke College

FMC is not your typical math class. Students work in pairs wherever they're comfortable -- at the board, at a desk, on the floor -- on problems from our extensive curriculum. For all students the focus is on understanding and exploration instead of memorization. An experienced instructor and teaching assistants circulate about the classroom, offering encouragement and providing direction.

"SummerMath has really helped me boost up my confidence. I can raise my hand in class to answer a question without worrying whether I'm right or wrong because I've already worked it out two or three different ways."
-SummerMath student, Washington, DC

After being accepted into SummerMath, each student will indicate what area of mathematics she would like to focus on: algebra, geometry, trigonometry, or pre calculus to calculus. This choice may be based on whether the student would like to review past material, gain proficiency in a particular area, or preview material that may be coming up in her next math course in school. The student may want to make this choice in consultation with her parents, teachers, and/or SummerMath directors. To see topic descriptions, click here.

"I enjoyed this class (FMC) so much. In just 4 weeks I learned a variety of things that I did not know. I have learned strategies and skills that will help me become a better math solver. This was the best experience coming from my heart."
-- SummerMath student, Milton, MA

FMC is held each weekday during the program for 90 minutes, allowing students time to explore, reflect and just have fun solving problems. Each class has about 12 to 15 students and is staffed by an instructor and two teaching assistants. All FMC students will learn how to use technology to solve math problems. A TI 83 calculator will be provided for each student, and students will use computers in the classroom.

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