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Sample of Student Work 2007

Sample of Student Work 2008

"I hated computers but now I don't see how I live without one. The teachers were great...
even when you had a horrible day, they helped you make it great."
-SummerMath student, Cleveland, OH

Technology is the next frontier for women. Recent studies show that females are not choosing to participate in computer environments as often as males, thus closing themselves off from some of the most exciting and lucrative careers. Working in Imagine Logo, students will gain proficiency and comfort on the computer.

All activities in Imagine Logo work to improve students' problem-solving skills as well as computer proficiency.

Imagine Logo is a very sophisticated, yet accessible, computer language developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Lessons progress from simple to more complex exercises and ultimately students will design their own projects. Past projects have included patchwork quilts, group murals, interactive games, and personal note cards.

In their free time, students can access the Mount Holyoke College computer facilities to explore other computer programs, use email, or access the Web.


"I was really proud of the designs I made when at first I barely knew anything in Logo."
- SummerMath student, Tiburon, CA

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