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Mount Holyoke College

SummerMath workshops bring mathematics to life! Each student participates in two different two-week workshops for 90 minutes each day. The workshops emphasize hands-on experience, so students can see how things work while exploring connections with mathematics.

Workshops that have been offered at SummerMath include: Build Your Dream Home: Architecture & Math; Origami; Digital Photography; Geometry and Islamic Art; Design Your Own Board Game; and Robotics.

SummerMath Director, Char Morrow's
Origami Quilt Display at the 1998 Origami USA Convention
in New York City

"...We were able to use our imagination and creativity to build our dream house."
-- SM student, Port Washington, NY

"Helpful, brain teasing, insightful. I will know why I'm doing certain things in math instead of just doing them. I love the individual attention that we receive from the staff."
-A SM student describing her
workshop experience

Other daily classes at SummerMath:
Computer Programming