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Library of published articles Here's a link to my main library of relevant articles. There's more than enough to keep you busy and entertained!

Outline of the geology and geography of Svalbard.pdf Ingolfsson, Olafur. 2204. - A very good and short summary of the geology and geography of Svalbard.

Werner_Glacier-fed Lake Sedimentation and Origin
of Rhythmic Laminations.pdf

Al Werner's Sedimentology term paper from 1985 - A very good overview of sedimentation processes in glacial lakes.

Boyum_Post-Glacial sediments in Lake Linnevatn, Spitsbergen.pdf
Boyum, A. and Kjensmo, 1980, Post-glacial sediments in Lake Linnevatn, Spitsbergen: Arch Hydrobiol, v. 88, 232-249. Good background on Linnevatnet, complete with Werner's penciled comments.

Boyum_Physiography of Lake Linnevatn, Western Spitsbergen.pdf
Boyum, A and Kjensmo, J., 1978, Physiography of Lake Linnevatn, Western Spitsbergen: Verh. Interat. Verein Limnol., v. 20, 609-614.
Another early but good background article on Linnevatnet.

Forman_Late Weichselian and Holocene Relative Sea-level History of
Broggerhalvoya Spitsbergen.pdf

Forman, S. L., Mann, D. H., and Miller, G.H., 1987, Late Weischelian and Holocene Relative Sea-level history of Broggerhalvoya, Spitsbergen: Quaternary Research, v. 27, 41-50.
Covers degalacial history of western coast of Spitsbergen with radiocarbon dates on whale bones constraining post-glacial emergence history.

Arctic Climate Change-Observed and modeled temperature and sea ice variability Johannessen, Ola M. et. al. 2002. NERSC Technical Report No. 218 Bergen.

Hodgkins_Glacier Hydrology in Svalbard, Norwegian High Arctic.pdf
Hodgkins, R., 1998, Glacier hydrology in Svalbard, Norwegian High Arctic: Quaternary Science Reviews, v 16, p. 957-973. Reviews processes by which water flows on and through arctic glaciers and
notes that meltwater from non-temperate glaciers can be surprisingly
sediment rich.

Overpeck_Arctic Environmental Changes of the Last Four Centuries.pdf
Overpeck et al., 1997, Arctic environmental change of the last four
centuries: Science, v. 278, p. 1251-1256. A compilation of paleoclimate records from lake sediments, trees, glaciers and marine sediments provides a view of circum-Arctic environmental variability over the last 400 years, with a focus n warming following the Little Ice Age.

Kessler_Self-Organization of Sorted Patterned Ground.pdf
Kessler, M.A. and Werner, B.T., 2003, Self-organization of sorted
patterned ground: Science, v. 299, p. 380-383 (and se comment appended to end).
The mysteries of sorted, patterned ground solved?

Perkins_Patterns from Nowhere.pdf
Perkins, S., 2003, Patterns from Nowhere: Natural Forces bring order to untouched ground: Science News, v. 163, 314-316.
An easy to read Science News summary of the Kessler and Werner article.

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