Crime Prevention

Community participation and involvement are essential to crime prevention on campus. Since officers cannot be everywhere at once, responsibility for crime prevention also rests upon each member of the Community. When individuals do their part by recognizing and reporting incidents of suspicious or criminal activity, they greatly improve the effectiveness of the Public Safety and Service Department.

See It, Report It

If you witness a crime or suspicious activity on campus, contact Public Safety and Service immediately. Give pertinenent details you know including location, nature of the incident, descriptions of persons involved, etc.

The college's response to reports of criminal action depends on the nature of the situation. When a request for assistance is received, Public Safety and Service officers are dispatched immediately. Investigative procedures begin, involving the Public Safety and Service Department, the director of institutional diversity (if the incident involves a civil rights violation) and, if necessary, local law enforcement agencies. The director of the epartment counsels crime victims on both internal and external means of redress, and when appropriate refers victims to the victim/witness unit at the Hampshire County district attorney’s office.

Incidents are entered in the Public Safety and Service log. In many instances, written statements are taken and incident and investigative reports are filed. Campus Safety Alerts may be issued when the community needs to be notified about emergencies on campus that threaten the community, or in those instances where changes in behavior may necessary to end a string of criminal events. See Emergency Notifications for more information.

Please call Public Safety and Service if you see:

  • Strangers or strange cars in or around a residence hall or other building
  • Strangers entering your neighbor's room when it is unoccupied
  • Anyone randomly trying doors to see if they are locked
  • Anyone trying to open car doors or suspiciously tampering with a motor vehicle
  • Suspicious vehicles parked with the motor running
  • Damaged doors or windows in residence halls or other buildings
  • Loiterers in dark or secluded areas
  • Someone peering into or trying to open windows
  • Someone displaying a weapon
  • Persons around bicycle racks carrying a bolt cutter, pipes, or other tools
  • A stranger carrying articles like appliances or luggage out of residence halls or other buildings
  • A person running, especially one carrying something of value leaving the scene of a crime

Please call Public Safety and Service if you hear:

  • Someone screaming                                                               
  • Breaking glass                                                                                       
  • A stranger trying to open your building
  • A call for police                                                                                  
  • A call for help
  • Loud or obscene shouting indicating a disturbance
  • An explosion or gunshots
  • A stranger carrying articles like appliances or luggage out of residence halls or other buildings

Safety Information

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