Reporting, Records and Crime Victim Services

Two members of the public safety staff having a discussion

Report an incident, locate records and get all the info you need if you think you’ve been the victim of crime.

Anonymous Witness Form

If you see or hear something that you think we should know, please report it using this form or by calling Public Safety at (413) 538-2304.

Emergency Phones/Call Boxes

Out campus has a number of emergency telephones strategically placed on campus to provide emergency access to Public Safety and Service.

Crime Prevention

How to do your part to keep our campus safe: See It, Report It

Reporting Suspicious Activity

What is suspicious behavior and when should you report it?

Resources for Crime Victims and Witnesses

Find resources and assisttance available through Public Safety and off-campus.

Sex Offender Registry

Both state and national agencies maintain information about convicted sex offenders. This information is available to the public.

Clery Report, Crime and Fire Log

In accordance with the Jeanne Clery Campus Safety and Security Act, reports are prepared in cooperation with the local law agencies.

Crime and Fire Logs

Logs are maintained to keep the College community informed about campus crime and residential fires.

Clery Act Compliance

Learn about the Cleary Act and the responsibilities of Campus Security Authorities.