Publications, Grants, Awards and Honors

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Received a subaward from the National Science Foundation (NSF) via Michigan State University for Assessing Institutional Assets, Vulnerabilities, and Synergies using a STEM Mentoring Ecosystem Framework: A Multi-Institutional, Interdisciplinary Workshop. The grant runs for 15.5 months.

Microsoft Corporation grant for the project "Development of Core Modules as Curricular Assets for Tech Mentorship Initiative." The project is for 2.5 months. Combined award to Audrey St. John (Computer Science), Heather Pon-Barry (Computer Science) and Becky Packard (Psychology and Education).


Heather Pon-Barry, Audrey St. John, Becky Packard, Barbara Rotundo. Megas and Gigas Educate (MaGE): A Curricular Peer Mentoring Program. Poster in Proc. of 47th ACM Technical Symposium on Computing Science Education (SIGCSE 2016), Memphis, TN, 2016.

Packard, B. W., Marciano, V., Payne, J.M., Bledzki, L. A., Woodard, C.T. (2014). Negotiating Peer Mentoring Roles in Undergraduate Research Lab Settings. Mentoring & Tutoring: Partnership in Learning. doi: 10.1080/13611267.2014.983327

Packard, B.W., Tuladhar, C.* & Lee, J.* (2013). Advising in the classroom; How community college STEM faculty support transfer-bound students.  Journal of College Science Teaching, 42(4), 54-60.
* indicates Mount Holyoke College student/alumna

Packard, B. W., Leach, M.*, Ruiz, Y.*, Nelson, C.*, & DiCocco, H.* (2012). School-to-work transitions of career and technical education graduates. Career Development Quarterly60(4), 134-144.
* indicates Mount Holyoke College student/alumna

Packard, B. W., Gagnon, J. L.*, & Senas, A.* (2012). Navigating community college transfer in science, technical, engineering, and mathematics fields. Community College Journal of Research and Practice, 36(9), 1-14.
* indicates Mount Holyoke College student/alumna

Packard, B. W., Babineau, M. E.*, Machado, H. M.* (2012). Becoming job-ready: Collaborative future plans of Latina adolescent girls and their mothers in a low-income urban community. Journal of Adolescent Research, 27(1), 110-131.
* indicates Mount Holyoke College student/alumna