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Vo, A., Tabrizi, N.S., Hunt, T., Cayanan, K., Chitale, S. [MHC’22], Anderson, L. [MHC’23], Tenney, S. [MHC’21], White, A.O., Sabariego, M., Hales, J.B., (2021). Medial entorhinal cortex lesions produce delay-dependent disruptions in interval timing accuracy. Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, 185, 107507.

Tenney, S. [MHC'21], Vogiatzoglou, E. [MHC'23], Chohan, D. [MHC'21], Vo, A., Hunt, T., Cayanan, K., Hales, J. B. and Sabariego, M. (2021). A Time Duration Discrimination Task for the Study of Elapsed Time Processing in Rats. Bio-protocol ,11(6), e3965. DOI: 10.21769/BioProtoc.3965.

Sabariego, M., Tabrizi, N. S., Marshall, G. J., McLagan, A. N., Jawad, S. [MHC'21], & Hales, J. B. (2021). In the temporal organization of episodic memory, the hippocampus supports the experience of elapsed time. Hippocampus31(1), 46-55. [Featured on the journal cover]

Hoxha, M. [MHC '21] and Sabariego, M. (2020). Delayed Alternation Task for the Study of Spatial Working and Long Term Memory in Rats. Bio-protocol 10(5): e3549. DOI: 10.21769/BioProtoc.3549.

Sabariego, M., Schonwald, A., Boublil, B.L., Zimmerman, D., Ahmadi, S., N. Gonzalez, C. Leibold, Leutgeb, J.K., Clark, R.E., Leutgeb, S. (2019). Time cells in the hippocampus are neither dependent on medial entorhinal cortex inputs nor necessary for spatial working memory. Neuron, 102, 1-14

Sabariego, M., Rosas, M., Piludu, M. A., Acquas, E., Giorgi, O., & Corda, M. G. (2019). Active avoidance learning differentially activates ERK phosphorylation in the primary auditory and visual cortices of Roman high-and low-avoidance rats. Physiology & behavior201, 31-41.

Chenani, A.*, Sabariego, M.*, Schlesiger, M. I., Leutgeb, J. K., Leutgeb, S., & Leibold, C. (2019). Hippocampal CA1 replay becomes less prominent but more rigid without inputs from medial entorhinal cortex. Nature Communications, 1-13.
* Denotes co-first author.

Cuenya, L.*, Sabariego, M.*, Donaire, R., Callejas-Aguilera, J.E., Torres, C., Fernández-Teruel, A. Exploration of a novel object in late adolescence predicts novelty-seeking behavior in adulthood: Associations among behavioral responses in four novelty-seeking tests (2016). Behavioral Processes, 135 (34-42).
* Denotes co-first author.

Cuenya, L.*, Sabariego, M.*, Donaire, R., Fernández-Teruel, A., Torres, C., Papini, M.R. Transfer across reward devaluation tasks in inbred Roman rat strains (2015). Learning and Motivation, 52, 22-31.
* Denotes co-first author.

Manzo, L., Donaire, R., Sabariego, M., Papini, M.R., Torres, C. Anti-Anxiety Self-Medication: Oral Consumption of Chlordiazepoxide after Reward Loss (2015). Behavioural Brain Research 278, 90–97.


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Cuenya, L.*, Sabariego, M*., Donaire, R., Fernández-Teruel, A., Tobeña, A., Gómez, M.J., Mustaca, A., Torres, C. (2012).  The effect of Partial Reinforcement on Instrumental Successive Negative Contrast in Inbred Roman High- (RHA-I) and Low-(RLA-I) Avoidance Rats. Physiology & Behavior, 105, 1112-1116.
* Denotes co-first author.

Sabariego, M., Gómez, M.J., Morón, I., Torres, C., Fernández-Teruel, A., Tobeña, A., Cañete, T., Martínez-Conejero, J.A., Horcajadas, J.A., Esteban, F.J. (2011). Differential Gene Expression between Inbred Roman High- (RHA-I) and Low- (RLA-I) Avoidance Rats. Neuroscience Letters, 504, 265-270.