Office Supply Vendor

On July 1, 2013, W.B. Mason Company, Inc., became the sole contracted provider of office supplies for Mount Holyoke College. All institutional office supply purchases must be ordered via OPS through the W. B. Mason eMarketplace catalog.

W.B. Mason Company also offers an Employee Purchase Discount Program with desktop delivery under the College's contracted pricing. All personal purchases are subject to MA Sales Tax where applicable. Please contact Christopher Rust at 413-538-2041 to be added as a new user. Once your new user account has been activated you must access the program through the W.B. Mason link on this page and then select the Mount Holyoke College Employee Purchase Account.

W. B. Mason

Patrick Kelly, our account sales representative from W.B. Mason Company, Inc. can be reached at 888-926-2766 ext. 1556.

Heidi Molina, our customer service representative for W.B. Mason Company, Inc. can be reached via email or at 888-926-2766 ext.1119.