Purchasing Policy

The College policy and guidelines for placing orders is as follows:

  • The College requires that Purchasing issue a purchase order for all transactions $10,000 and above.
  • Purchase Requisition Form - must be completed, promptly authorized and sent to Purchasing with all of the appropriate supporting documentation.
  • Purchase requisitions should not be faxed to suppliers since they are not a legal document.
  • College Policy - All buyers must familiarize themselves with the policies, standards, guidelines and procedures on Contracts and Contracting for goods and services intended to have a binding obligation and/or legal effect.

Recommendation: When an order is under $10,000 use today's date, the 6 digit accounting unit number followed by your initials when placing an order. Example: April 15, 2013 for Department accounting unit # 028601 will be 041513028601CER

Recommendation: If you do not have a P-card and have an order which requires immediate payment then forward the information to Purchasing who will execute the order on your behalf.

To send information or request assistance please contact:

Tel 413-538-2041
Fax 413-538-2227