Purchasing Card Program

The Purchasing Card Program is a new tool that offers an alternative to the existing College purchasing processes. It provides an extremely efficient and effective method of purchasing and paying for small dollar items.

Mount Holyoke College (the "College") has contracted with JP Morgan Chase, Inc. to provide a VISA credit card program. In addition, we will be utilizing an on-line process called PaymentNetTM to review and approve charges to the VISA credit card.

Read this Manual carefully. It describes the policies and procedures for appropriate purchasing card use. The Manual also provides you with the basic steps for using the Purchasing Card including compliance issues, documenting transactions, reviewing and approving statements, etc.

By signing the Purchasing Card Application and Cardholder Agreement forms (see forms section in this manual) you are agreeing to comply with the program rules and regulations as stated in this Manual.

Please document any questions, suggestions, or difficulties you and your suppliers have regarding the purchasing card program. Your feedback will provide vital information to our program evaluation.