Authorized Purchasing Card Use

8.1 The Purchasing Card that the Cardholder receives has their name embossed on it and shall only be used by the Cardholder. No other person is authorized to use the Card. The Cardholder may initiate transactions on behalf of others in their department. The Cardholder is responsible for use of the card.

8.2 It is the Cardholder's responsibility to be aware of her/his department's rules and guidelines and to make only appropriate purchases.

8.3 Due to competitive bidding requirements of sponsored research grants, the Purchasing Card may not be appropriate for certain purchases. Questions concerning these purchases should be directed to the Principal Investigator or the Director of Sponsored Research. As of this writing current regulations require bidding for purchases greater than $25,000.00

8.4 The College's default limits are as follows conditions:

a. The total amount of a transaction shall not exceed the single purchase limit of $1,000.00. A purchase may not be split into multiple transactions to stay within the single purchase limit.

b. Spending limit per month is $5,000.00.

c. Number of purchases allowed per day is 20.

d. Number of purchases allowed per month is 100.

SPECIAL NOTE: These parameters may not be appropriate for all departments due to the volume of purchases. Requested increases to the above limits will be reviewed on an individual basis by completing a Change/Cancellation Form (see Forms section).