Making a Purchase

11.1 Purchasing procedures require that the purchase of items for which the value is $1,000.00 or less, be made from the supplier that provides the best value to the College. It is policy to seek competitive and best prices within the parameters of quality and delivery. Accordingly, when making a Purchasing Card purchase, the Cardholder will take reasonable steps to assure the best price.

To avoid potential conflicts of interest, no employee, officer, or agent of the College should participate in the selection, award, or administration of purchases or contracts in which to her/his knowledge the employee, immediate family, or partner has a financial interest in the supplier's organization.  In addition, shipping orders to a non-campus address such as a personal residence can be deemed a conflict of interest and can cause the cardholder's purchases to undergo additional scrutiny.

a. If you need assistance in locating a supplier, or product not specifically covered in the Preferred Vendors Listing or need additional information on the College's Purchasing Policies, you can contact the Purchasing Department at ext. 2041 or contact the Director of Purchasing via email.

11.2 A Cardholder should use the following checklist when making a purchase:

a. Solicit from an adequate number of sources to assure the best price, quality, and delivery. Verify current price listing for suppliers who furnish standing price quotations or catalog prices on a recurring basis.

b. Once a supplier is designated and confirms that the goods are available that meet the specifications and delivery requirements, the Cardholder should:

  • Confirm that the supplier accepts VISA
  • Inform the supplier that the purchase is for Mount Holyoke College and is exempt from sales tax. The College's tax exempt number is 04-2103578.
  • Direct the supplier to include the following information on the shipping label and packing list:
    • Cardholder's name and telephone number
    • Campus delivery address
    • The words "Purchasing Card Purchase"
    • The supplier's order number
  • Request that the shipment be sent to the Cardholder ordering the merchandise. This will ensure that the documents necessary for the record keeping listed in Section 14.0 are readily available to the Cardholder.

c. Cardholders are encouraged to receive their own shipments; however, if someone on campus will be receiving a shipment on the Cardholder's behalf, the Cardholder should notify the receiver in advance. Whether the Cardholder or a designated person receives the shipment, the Cardholder is responsible for obtaining all documentation (e.g., packing slips, mail order form copies, etc.) related to the purchase and verifying that the documentation complies with the requirements for support documentation.