Cardholder Record Keeping

4.1 The Cardholder making the purchase shall retain documentation of the purchases made with the Purchasing Card. Purchases may be made over- the-counter, fax, telephone or via the Internet. Such documentation will be used to verify the purchases listed on the Cardholder's PaymentNetTM Electronic Statement of Account.

  • Over-the-Counter Purchase - The Cardholder shall retain the invoice and/or customer copy of the charge slip. The Cardholder is responsible for checking that the supplier lists the quantity, fully describes the item(s), and excludes sales tax before the Cardholder signs the charge slip.
  • Telephone Purchase - The Cardholder should obtain and document the name of the person who took the order and list any confirmation number that may have been assigned to the purchase by the vendor.
  • Internet Purchase - The Cardholder should print a copy of the order form or acknowledgement of the order after it is placed.

14.2 When the goods are received, the Cardholder shall retain all shipping documentation.