Periodic Review of Transactions

15.1 PaymentNet will post each night to the "All Transaction" screen of each Cardholder any charges that have been presented by merchants for previous day's activities. It is possible that Cardholders may receive an item and not see a charge for a particular purchase for a few days because the postings are dependent on when a merchant submits their card charges for payment.

15.2 Cardholders should access the "All Transaction" screen periodically to review and/or approve new charges to assure that they are appropriate. Doing this review should make the Monthly Statement Review (Section 17.0) easier and less time consuming.

Special Note: Accessing the "All Transaction" screen is covered in detail in the PaymentNet Training Manual

15.3 Any charges that are found to be questionable should be researched at the time of the review and the steps listed in Section 13.0 Merchandise Returns and Exchanges should be followed. If, after following Section 13.0, the Cardholder is still not able to resolve the issue with the merchant he/she should dispute the charges (Section 16.0).