Dispute a Transaction

If you have an issue with any of your transactions, PaymentNetTM allows Cardholders to dispute transactions on-line By choosing the appropriate reason, PaymentNet will automatically supply you with on-line forms and information required to complete the dispute.

Special Note: This dispute process should only be used if an issue cannot be resolved directly with the merchant.

On the All Transaction Screen

  • Click on the Transaction that is being disputed this will bring up the Transaction Detail Record

Figure #20 – Transaction Screen

  • Click the Dispute button on the Transaction Detail Record

Figure #21 – Dispute Button

After you click the Dispute Button the following screen will appear:

Figure #22 – Dispute Screen

  • Select a reason for the dispute from the pull-down list.
  • Type any additional information concerning the dispute in the “Additional Information” box.
  • Click “SAVE”.

A “yellow square” will immediately appear in the Trans ID column for the disputed transaction on the All Transaction Screen. To view the detail on the dispute, click on the “yellow square”. Addendum detail will be displayed. This yellow box indicates that the dispute has been initiated with JP Morgan Chase.

Figure #23 – Preliminary Dispute Indicator

The cardholder can cancel the dispute at this point by clicking the "Undo" button in the transaction detail screen. The yellow box will be removed and the dispute will be dropped, as long as forms have not been submitted.

When a cardholder selects the reason for dispute, the following message will appear (in blue):

Figure #24 – Dispute Message

The message provides a hyperlink to the on-line form required. A new window will pop up with the form, generated in Adobe Acrobat reader. The form is pre-populated with the transaction information and dispute reason.

Figure #25– JP Morgan Dispute Notification

The form must be printed out, signed, and faxed or mailed with any additional criteria (i.e. receipts, invoices, etc.) to the JPMorgan Chase Dispute department.

Once the Dispute department has processed all required information, the yellow square next to the transaction will be replaced with a red square, indicating that the transaction is currently in the dispute process.