Editing Account Codes

  • Click on any field within the individual transaction on the PaymentNet Transaction screen that needs to be edited. Clicking will bring you to the Transaction Detail Record screen.

Figure #12 – Transaction Detail Record

In the example above the accounting code fields are:

  • Company - 10 which is static and cannot be changed
  • Username - Which shows the name of the cardholder and is static
  • Accounting Unit – If a Cardholder has authority within other Accounting Units the pull down will give you access to these accounting units
  • GL Number & Activity (if required) – If a purchase needs to be re-allocated to another account number the pull down may be used to select the desired account number.

Special Note: The account number pull down has been populated from budget lines in each accounting unit. If the account number that you would like to use to charge a purchase is not available on the pull down you will need to send an email to: purchasing-card to request the addition of that account number. Account numbers will only be added once per month so depending on timing you may need to complete a journal entry for this particular purchase. If a journal entry is required you will be notified by the Program Administrator.

After you have selected the desired accounting codes you will then be required to complete the Purpose of Payment field.