Employee Profiles

The Employee Profile screen enables you to view detailed card information about the cardholders within your department. The amount of information available depends on your access level.

  • Cardholders have access to their own profile.
  • Managers have access to their own information as well as other cardholders in their group.

Figure #63 – Employee Profile Selection

After selecting the Employee Profile option your screen will refresh to the Employee Profile Screen List.

If you have numerous employees you can use the”Last Name starts with” alpha search feature located in the top right hand corner of the Employee Profile screen. You can also use the next page arrows.

Figure #64 – Employee Profile List

To view detailed information about any cardholder:

  • Pass your mouse over the desired cardholder and wherever your mouse changes to a hand you can click to access the Employee Detail for xxxxxxxxxxx (cardholder name).

Figure #65 – Employee Detail

The Employee Profile detail screen includes general Cardholder information including billing address, email address and default account codes. The Remarks field may contain additional information about the Cardholder.

The email address notifies designated users of any new transactions posted to their PaymentNet™ account that have not been reviewed. Email notification occurs every Monday.

The Employee Profile screen also displays usage and transaction privileges.

Special Note: Only the Program Administrator can change the Employee Detail screen. Contact the Program Administrator if you feel a change needs to be made to Employee Profile information.