Create Export File

The results of your query can be exported for further analysis by clicking on the “Create Export” button on the “All Transactions” screen. When you create the export file your screen will refresh and you will be linked to the “Available Downloads” screen. This screen contains the various export files and reports that have been created. By selecting the desired file you will be able to view the information.

Figure #43 – Create Export File

Figure #44 – Available Download Files

The Available Downloads File is a “holding” area while the query is being created on the JP Morgan server and will appear on the screen when the query is complete. You can also click on the “Refresh” button which will poll the server and add the file as soon as it is complete.

You can opt to have the system notify you by email when the report is complete by clicking on the “Notify me by e-mail when files become available” box.

Figure #45 – Refresh / Email Notification

Creating Export files are listed on the Available Download screen as .zip files. Since there are a number of different zip programs used on Campus we will not go into detail on how to open them in this Manual.