The Merchant Screen enables you to view detailed information about the merchants that have provided goods and services to the College. This screen includes all vendors that have been used by any cardholder and is updated by JP Morgan Chase each night.

To access the Merchant Profile screen, select the Merchant Profile List option from the Navigation Menu. You can use the “Merchant Names starts with” alpha searching” feature located in the top right corner of the Merchants screen or the “next page” arrows.

Figure #66– Merchant Screen

To view detailed information about a merchant pass your mouse over the line. Wherever the mouse changes to a hand you can click your mouse to access the “Merchant Detail for xxxxxxxxxx” screen.

Figure #67 – Merchant Detail Screen

The top portion of the Merchant Detail screen includes general merchant information. The Merchant Category Code (MCC) for that merchant will be displayed as well. Additional information is available as you scroll down the Merchant Detail screen.

Special Note: Only the Program Administrator can make changes to the Merchant Profile.