Navigation Tools

To better navigate on the Transaction List, Employee Profile List, and Merchant Profile List screens here are a few navigation tools:

  • “Select a View” Drop-Down Box: Displays queries that have been created and saved. If no queries have been created, this will show only the Default View option.
  • Page Navigator: The “Go to page __ of __” displays the number of pages of transactions that are available for viewing. By clicking on the arrows on the upper right part of the screen, you can display the first page, previous page, next page, or last page. The options available are dependent on the current page. The drop-down feature allows you to go to a specific page number. If more than 100 pages exist, a text box will allow you to type in the desired page number.
  • Sorting Columns: To sort data by category, click on one of the underlined column headings. This will sort the information in ascending order. To sort in descending order, click on the underlined category again. An upward or downward triangle indicator ( ) will appear next to the column that is being sorted, depending on if it is sorted in ascending or descending order.
  • The Transaction Identifier (Trans ID): This number is a unique reference number assigned to each transaction in PaymentNet. As new transactions are posted, the row numbers will become sequentially higher.
  • Icons: A variety of icons are visible in the Trans ID column. Clicking on each of these icons will allow the user to view additional detail pertaining to that transaction.

Figure #9 – Icons

Special Note: MHC is not currently using the Purchasing Card for travel. Icons relating to travel will not appear on the Transaction screen