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The reporting feature is available to all users and is accessed by the “All Reporting” heading on the View Navigator pull down.

Figure #46 – All Reporting

Reports are divided into five categories:

  • Cardholder/Employee
  • Transaction
  • Merchant
  • Administration
  • All

Figure #47 – Report Categories

To select a specific category click the appropriate circle and it will bring up the various reports available in that category .The following reports are available under each category:

  • Cardholder/Employee
    • Available Low Balance
    • Cardholder Information
    • Cardholder Listing by Hierarchy
    • Cardholder Listing with Address
  • Transaction
    • Transaction Detail
    • Transaction Detail with Account Codes & Notes
    • Transaction Detail with Addendum
    • Transaction Disputes by Status
    • Transaction Summary
  • Merchant
    • Summary Quarterly Merchant
    • Summary Quarterly Vendor Analysis
    • Transaction Detail by Merchant
    • Transaction Summary by Merchant
  • Administration
    • Declines
  • All – Alphabetical listing of all of the above reports

Each report description gives specific detail about the information supplied in the report. After you review the description of the report, click on the report that you would like to create.

Figure #48 – Report Selection

  • Click the report that you would like to process. In this example we will use the Transaction Detail Report.
  • Select the Transaction m on the Reports Select a Category Screen

Figure #49 – Select a Category

Figure #50 – Transaction Summary

This screen, like the “Query” screen, gives you the ability to refine your criteria. You can review these steps by referring to “Creating Queries”.

For this example we are going to select “Process Query”. By selecting this option we are telling the report to give us all information available based upon the default criteria.

  • Once you have completed your criteria selection click on the “Process Query” button.

Figure #51 – Process Query

Your screen will refresh showing the following options.

  • Click to create your report in Adobe PDF Format
  • Click to create your report in Microsoft Excel Format
  • Click to create your report in Microsoft Word Format

Figure #52 – Report Format Selection

For this example, we will select “Click to create your report in Adobe PDF Format”.

Once you make your selection your screen will again refresh showing that your file will be “Available Download Files”.

Figure #53 – Download Files Message

  • Click the “Refresh” button.

Your screen will refresh and you will now be on the “Available Download Files” screen and if your report has completed you will see the File Name, Description and Creation Date of the report.

Figure #54 – Available Download Screen w/Report

Note the .pdf extension on the file indicating that it was done in Adobe Acrobat.

Click on the filename to launch Acrobat Reader and your requested report will appear on your screen.

Special Note: If you do not have Acrobat Reader on your computer you can download it.

Figure #55 – Transaction Detail Report

You now have the option of printing your report or saving it to a file.