Reviewing Transactions

As described in the Purchasing Card Manual it is recommended that a Cardholder and/or Approver access PaymentNet™ on a periodic basis to review any new postings to their account.

Transactions can be reviewed and approved using either the “Transaction List” screen or the Transaction Detail Screen

Figure #26 – Approval from Transaction List

Figure #27 – Approval from Transaction Detail Screen

Once the transaction has been reviewed by the Cardholder, the “Reviewed” column should be checked. The transaction should then be reviewed by the “Approver”, and the “Approved” column checked.

Note: If a cardholder is both a “Purchaser” and “Approver it will be necessary to check both the “Reviewed” and “Approved” columns.

Special Note: Once a transaction has been checked as “approved”, it can only be changed by the Approver. The Approver MUST remove the check mark in the approved column before trying to make any changes.