Transaction Screen

The Transactions screen enables users to review transactions that have been posted to their account.

Unless you have an extremely wide monitor it may be necessary to use the “scroll bar” on the bottom of the screen t to view the entire Transaction Screen. (Detail information about the Transaction Screen is broken down into Figures 9 and 10.)

Figure #10 -Transaction Screen (1st section)

The Transaction Screen includes the following information:

  • Row – As new transactions are posted the Row Number will change relative to the transaction.
  • Trans ID – Different Icons are visible in the Trans ID column. Clicking on the icon will allow user to view additional detail pertaining to the purchase. Additionally, the ID number helps JP Morgan track transaction activity.
  • Reviewed – Cardholder is required to check this box to indicate that the purchase is appropriate.
  • Approved – Manager is required to check this box to indicate that the purchase and accounting information is appropriate. If you are not a “purchaser” or “approver” you will not see the Approved check box.
  • Transaction Date – Date the vendor requests payment.
  • Posting Date – Date JP Morgan initiates payment to the vendor .
  • Transaction Amount – Amount requested by Vendor
  • Sales Tax Amount – This column should not have a posting amount if it does this amount needs to be disputed with the vendor.
  • Merchants Name – Self-explanatory
  • Merchant State/Province – Self-Explanatory

Figure #11 – Transaction Screen (2nd section)

  • Company – MHC Company will always be 0010 no other companies will be used for the Purchasing Card Program.
  • Accounting Unit – Default accounting unit
  • GL Account & Activity (if required) - Default account
  • Username – Self-Explanatory
  • Employee Last Name – Self Explanatory
  • Employee First Name – Self Explanatory
  • Purpose of Payment – This will be covered in more detail in the Purpose of Payment area

Special Note: When you pass you pointer over the individual lines of entry it will change to a “hand”. At any position that it changes you can double click to see additional transaction detail information on that particular expense.