Bulletin and Course Catalogue

2013-2014 Academic Year

The Mount Holyoke "Bulletin and Course Catalogue" is published once each year, in August. It provides a comprehensive description of the College's undergraduate programs, summaries of key academic and administrative policies, and descriptions of some of the College's key offerings and attributes. The print edition is available on campus to students and faculty.  This online version presents an exact copy of the printed publication.  It is provided for reference purposes and can be treated as if it were a photocopy of the print version.

Information in Mount Holyoke's "Bulletin and Course Catalogue" was accurate as of its completion in early summer. The College reserve the right to change its published regulations, requirements, offerings, procedures and charges. The links under "Related Links" at right point you to online resources often more comprehensive and up-to-date than the year's "Bulletin and Course Catalogue".

Catalogue Information is available by Academic Department (Areas of Study) or the non-academic related information (Other Content). The Archives provides a pdf of the full "Bulletin & Course Catalogue" copy if available or potential links to previous year catalogues.