Classroom Resources

EMSWebApp   (classroom viewer)

Faculty, staff and students can use the EMSWebApp to access detailed information and photos of most classrooms on campus. You will need your Mount Holyoke userID and password (same as you use for MHC email) to login. Once you're logged in, click on "Locations" in the left margin, then type the first few characters of the building name into the "Find a Room" box at the right and press the "Search" button.  The list of rooms in that building will fill in below.  Use the inner scrollbar to find the one you want and then click on the name of the room you want. A pane will open with an "Images" tab to click to see photos and a "Features" tab to see other details.

If the classroom you are looking for does not appear in the EMSWebApp, see the additional classrooms listed below.

Approved Course Meeting Times

There are specific approved course meeting times during which courses may be scheduled at Mount Holyoke College. These times are set forth by the Academic Policy Committee. You can find these times in the Faculty Forms section of the Registrar's Forms page. Requests for deviations must be submitted to the Registrar, who is a member of the subcommittee, at the time the preliminary schedule information is submitted.

Additional Classrooms