October 2016 Presentation for Seniors

Students should check the College and departmental requirements carefully to be sure they have met all requirements for graduation.

Each senior's academic program is evaluated by the Registrar. Evaluations are emailed to all seniors prior to the beginning of fall semester and followed by subsequent evaluations throughout the academic year. It is the responsibility of each student to respond appropriately and to ensure that outstanding issues are resolved prior to Commencement.

The academic program evaluation will address College requirements, as well as requirements for the declared minor.

The Registrar does not evaluate requirements for the major. It is the responsibility of each student to meet with her adviser to be sure she has met requirements for her declared major. The department chair will notify the Registrar in April with the list of seniors that have completed major requirements.

The College confers one undergraduate degree, the Bachelor of Arts. At Mount Holyoke as elsewhere, this degree may be abbreviated as either A.B. or B.A., depending on whether one is abbreviating the customary Latin or the current English name for the degree.  An A.B. or a B.A. are the same degree.

Students who may be awarded a certificate of international study must contact the Office of Global Initiatives about requirements. Graduate students who plan to graduate should contact their program's director regarding requirements.

The Office of the President coordinates the Commencement ceremony.


Email the Registrar.