October 2017 Presentation for Seniors

The College confers degrees three times each year:  in May, October, and March.  The May conferral is for those who complete requirements at the end of the Spring semester, October for those who complete through Summer transfer work, and March for those who complete requirements through Fall semester or January term course work.  

The College confers one undergraduate degree, the Bachelor of Arts. At Mount Holyoke as elsewhere, this degree may be abbreviated as either A.B. or B.A., depending on whether one is abbreviating the customary Latin or the current English name for the degree.  An A.B. or a B.A. are the same degree.  Our current graduate programs lead to the M.A.T. (Master of Arts in teaching), though the College has offered other graduate degrees such as the Master of Arts (A.M. or M.A.) in past years.

Each undergraduate senior's academic program is evaluated by the Registrar. Evaluation summaries are emailed to all seniors prior to the beginning of fall semester and followed by subsequent evaluations throughout the academic year. Students may also refer to their online degree audit through my.mtholyoke to chart the progress at any time towards completing College-wide requirements and any minor they have declared. It is the responsibility of each student to respond appropriately and to ensure that outstanding issues are resolved prior to Commencement.

The Registrar does not evaluate or track students' progress towards the requirements of their major(s). It is the responsibility of each student to meet with her adviser and/or the authorized person in that department to be sure she has met requirements for that major. As graduation approaches, the Chair of each department will notify the Registrar of which degree candidates for that semester have completed the major's requirements.

Students should check the College and departmental requirements carefully to be sure they understand where they stand vis a vis the requirements for graduation.  Students are responsible for charting their own progress and remaining aware of their standing.

Graduate students who plan to graduate should contact their program's director regarding requirements. International guest students and international exchange students who may be awarded a certificate of international study must contact the Office of Global Initiatives about their requirements.

The Office of the President coordinates the Commencement ceremony. There is one annual commencement ceremony at the end of each academic year in May. Students completing in May and those who completed the preceding October or March are invited to participate in this ceremony, unless they qualified, through exception criteria, to participate in the previous May's ceremony.  The exception criteria allow:

1) a senior who is short no more than one physical education unit and/or one 4-credit course and who have an approved plan for completing these requirements to apply to participate fully in Commencement exercises the May before her actual conferral.  These students robe, process in and sit with the graduating students, have their names called and cross the stage individually like the graduating students, though they will not have actually graduated on that date nor received their diplomas.  or

2) a senior who has completed at least 112 credits and who has an approved plan for completing degree requirements may apply to process into the ceremony and sit with the graduating class, but will not have her name called, cross the stage, etc.  

Students interested in participating through these exception routes in lieu of participating once they have completed all degree requirements should contact the Registrar's Office in the winter of their senior year for application procedures.


Email the Registrar.