Academic Administrative Board Petition

The Academic Administrative Board meets every other week, throughout the academic year.

The specific dates for the 2015-16 Academic Year have not yet been confirmed.  Petitions received during Summer 2015 will be addressed by the Board in September, unless they are routine and can be addressed earlier by the Registrar and the Dean of Studies.
Fall 2015
: tba
Spring 2016:  tba.

Students who wish to petition the Board must first consult with the Class Advisor for their class year. The Class Advisors are: Sara London (for class of 2018), Kim Parent (for 2016 & 2017), and Sarah Adelman (for 2015). All of the Class Advisors may be reached at the Academic Deans Office (413)538-2855.  The Class Advisors are also the right contacts for questions about the petitioning process.

Once you have consulted your class advisor, you may submit your petition electronically via this online form. Petitions must be received one week prior to the posted meeting date, by noon. Petitions received after this deadline will be added to the following meeting's agenda. Meeting dates are listed above.

Student Information

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Mailing Address

Petition Information

You can paste your entry in from a word-processing program.
e.g. PHYS-150-01

Supportive Documentation

For example, for a late course add or drop/withdrawal, you will need to provide an email from the instructor confirming that you are attending the course or when you stopped.

Address supportive documentation to:

Dean of Studies
c/o Marianne Taylor
Mary Lyon Hall, Room 300