Transfer Credits from MHC's Professional & Graduate Education Program (PaGE)

Courses taken outside of a degree program through Mount Holyoke's Professional and Graduate Education (PaGE) program are recorded on the College's Non-Matriculated transcript. If you are a Mount Holyoke student pursuing a degree and you wish to apply credits earned in PaGE courses to the transcript for your degree, you will need to request that they be considered for transfer towards the 128 credits required for graduation. You should submit your request to the Registrar's Office by sending an email to after the course is completed and your final grade has been recorded.

Please note that all of the usual regulations and limits governing the transfer of credits to the Mount Holyoke undergraduate degree apply. These are detailed on the transfer page of the Registrar's website - of particular note:

  • Some PaGE courses may not qualify for transfer at all. 
  • Occasionally, PaGE courses are not accepted for transfer at the same number of credits. 
  • All other transfer limits apply, including the 12-credit maximum, in total, from all summer work completed since the student began her undergraduate degree at the College and subsidiary limits of 8 credits per summer and 3 credits per January term.

After transfer, the transferred credits from PaGE will be presented in summary on the student's degree (undergraduate/graduate) Mount Holyoke transcript, just like any other transfer work.   The detail of courses taken through PaGE, such as the course titles and grades, remain on the Non-matriculated transcript.  Therefore, students should expect to present both their degree and Non-Matriculated transcripts to graduate schools, employers, and others who want a detailed history of all courses taken and grades received. 

PaGE courses transferred to the degree transcript will not affect the undergraduate GPA.

The Registrar's Office determines the transferability of credits to the 128 required for the Bachelor of Arts degree. If you also want to apply those credits to fulfill a specific degree requirement (such as a distribution requirement, the Language requirement, or a requirement of the major or minor), you will also need to secure permission (approval) from the relevant academic department at Mount Holyoke to have the PaGE course accepted towards that requirement. If you're unsure from whom to seek approval, ask the Registrar's Office.

You are advised to get pre-approval from the Registrar's Office before taking any PaGE course, if you may want to transfer any credits earned in it towards the Undergraduate degree. Likewise, please secure permission from the appropriate academic department if you also may want the course to count towards/fulfill a particular degree/major/minor/certificate requirement.