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Barbie Diewald

Major grant for dance research

Barbie Diewald, assistant professor of dance at Mount Holyoke College, is on a team of researchers looking to quantify dance with computer-based tools.

This is an artist's rendering of two dinosaurs circling each other; the cloaca of one is clearly visible.

A revealing look

Researchers have developed a 3D model of a dinosaur’s cloaca, a glimpse into prehistoric pudenda that has never before been seen.

A 3D toolkit for students with visual impairments that contains a Braille label maker, Braille playing cards and three hardboard distributions.

The Accessible Toolbox

A Mount Holyoke College team of researchers is providing new resources to make learning statistics more accessible to students with disabilities. 

This is an abstracted neural stem cell on a teal background. It was made with mirrors, hand embroidery and paint.

Vaping perils

Maternal vaping affects offspring’s brains, says Associate Professor Jared Schwartzer of Mount Holyoke.

 Patty Brennan, Visiting Lecturer of Biological Sciences

Evolution could lead to odd animals in future

Mount Holyoke College Assistant Professor Patricia Brennan discusses what evolution could mean for animals on a hotter, drier future Earth.  

Darby Dyar, blond white woman in blue sweater seated at desk with three computer monitors and charts on the wall.

Fresh batch of Apollo 11 moon rocks for Dyar

Mount Holyoke professor Darby Dyar discusses her work with moon rocks on the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11’s launch. 

Darby Dyer

Is Venus the new Mars?

Exploration of Venus could cast light on why planets become habitable, says Mount Holyoke’s Darby Dyar.

Two mice, one pink, one blue, face one another. Their bodies are overlaid with computer-generated measurements that aid in coding social interactions.

In search of a cause for autism

Mount Holyoke’s Jared Schwartzer has found an unusual use for temporary hair color: It helps him accelerate his research into a possible cause of autism.