Abbey Interfaith Sanctuary Reservation

Note:  This form must be submitted at least 72 hours in advance of the date and time of your requested reservation.  Please take into account that our office is closed from Friday at 4 pm until Monday at 9 am.  Submitting this form does NOT mean that you have secured a reservation.  You will receive confirmation from Gaelin Higgins.

Guidelines for using the Abbey Interfaith Sanctuary

  1. The AIS is to be respected as a place where people of all faiths worship.
  2. No alcohol and/or food is allowed in the AIS.
  3. Do not move any furniture in the AIS, except for the chairs.
  4. No furnishings, including but not limited to pillows, tablecloths, altars, or wall hangings may be covered or removed from the AIS.
  5. Charges will be covered by the group holding the reservation if anything is damaged or needs special cleaning.
  6. All candles must be extinguised prior to leaving the sanctuary.
  7. The AIS must be returned to the way you found it before you leave.

Contact Information (Person Making Reservation)


Event Details

If this is an on-going event, please list the first date here and see below.
Please allow enough time before start of event for prep time
Please allow enough time after the event for clean up
The time the event is scheduled to begin

Contact Event Services to have your event publicized on the 5 College Calendar.

Ongoing Dates & Times
If this event is on-going, please list each date.  List the start and end time only if different from above times.

Please list the dates. List start and end time only if different from above.