Abbey Memorial Chapel Reservation

All concert events & associated rehearsals requiring staging and/or chairs for the concert need to be booked through Event Services,

Note:  This form must be submitted at least 72 hours in advance of the date and time of your requested reservation.  The Office of Religious & Spiritual life closes on Friday at 4 pm.  Any reservations received by this office at or after 3:15 pm will not be made until Monday morning.  Submitting this form does NOT mean that you have secured a reservation.  You will receive confirmation from Gaelin Higgins.

Amplification System

If you are planning to use the amplication system you will need to hire the Chapel Sexton.  Please note that your department will be charged for the services of the Chapel Sexton.

Contact Information

Event Details

Rehearsals will be listed as Confirmed/Private.

Contact Event Services to have your event advertised on the 5 College Calendar.

This is required if you plan to use the amplification system.
Required if Sexton Chapel services are needed.

Event and Rehearsal Dates/Times


Please provide the Date, Start Time, and End Time for each rehearsal you are planning.

Include date, start time, and end time for each.