Activities in Lent

Ecumenical Ash Wednesday Service, Wednesday, February 22nd, Abbey Chapel

An ecumenical communion service to mark the beginning of our Lenten journey of reflection, atonement, prayer, and service.
Led by Rev. Gladys Moore, Chaplain Anita Magovers, and Chaplain Leslie Fraser

Weekly Lenten Bible Series, Thursdays, 7-8 p.m., in Catholic Chaplain Anita Magovern's Eliot House Office

A time to open our hearts in a special way to God's work in our lives, by listening, understanding, and sharing our insights from the Scripture readings for the following Sunday.
Facilitated by Anita and MHC students.

Lenten Contemplations: 40-Day Journey, Fridays, February 24th to March 30th, 2-3 p.m., Abbey Interfaith Sanctuary

Select readings, meditations, Bible wisdom, and journal reflections from Joan Chittister's 40-Day Journey.  Bring a journal and enjoy this deep and renewing form of spiritual companioning.
Led by Leslie Fraser, Protestant Advisor and Multifaith Chaplain.