When to Contact a Chaplain

Campus chaplains and religious advisors are trained religious professionals. In addition to offering pastoral counseling, they strive to serve the greater Mount Holyoke Community regardless of religious affiliation and serve the needs of students, faculty and staff. Campus chaplains and religious advisors are available to speak to you about topics which include, but are not limited to, the following:

Faith choices
…When you no longer know what to believe. College brings changes in life and raises questions about basic issues of identity. New-found freedom, and the pain of having too many choices can be a tumultuous time.

Feeling guilty
…When you feel guilty for not living up to parental expectations, or for the choices you have made. Guilt can be an all encompassing feeling that puts you in need of honest conversation and a word of forgiveness.

Death and dying
…The death of a friend or family member, a roommate’s grief, issues of death and dying are a great challenge and source of sorrow.

Sexual harassment
…Victims of harassment or abuse, whether verbal or physical, need to talk to someone for support, counsel and assistance.

Feeling lonely or home-sick
…When you are having difficulty finding community, feeling lonely for home, or grieving the end of a relationship.

Shamed or slighted...
...Because of your race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or any other personal identity.  Microagressions happen when others treat you differently based on assumptions about who you are, and these subtle forms of violence can be difficult to understand and respond to on your own.

Questions about cults
…When you fear that someone is involved in a cultic or occult activity. Cults often prey upon the wounded, lost and confused.

Hospitalization or illness
…Illness far from home can be traumatic.

Need to talk
…Just talking to someone about things, whether big or small, can make a great deal of difference in your life.

Questions about AIDS
…If there is a possibility that you have been infected with HIV, or a friend has been diagnosed, you need someone who is confidential, knowledgeable and compassionate.

Sexual identity crisis
…Questions about your own sexual feelings and identity, or the sexual orientation of a friend may raise new and painful questions.

Career decisions
…When you are having difficulty deciding on a career, it’s good to talk with someone who can be objective.

Don't be afraid to recommend us to a friend...
...Have a friend who needs help?  Whether or not you know their faith, recommend us to them.

In the Eliot House lounge we also have a number of Care Notes. These booklets produced by Abbey Press are helpful for those in need of support, advice or healing - whether it be yourself or a friend. Topics include loss, faith, prayer, friendship, depression, etc. We encourage you to stop by and speak with us or pick up a Care Note.

To contact a campus chaplain or religious advisor, please see our staff page.