Earth Based/Pagan/Wiccan

MHC alums Jennifer (Jayleigh) Lewis and Megan Tatum are the Pagan/Wiccan Co-Adjunct Advisors.  We are a community committed to the spiritual development of Pagans, Wiccans, and others who are practicing their faith paths with Earth-Centered values.  We gather to strengthen our knowledge, to honor the cycles of the moon, to celebrate the eight holy days of the year that are tied to the cycles of the seasons (the equinoxes and the solstices) and to learn to live in community while developing our leadership skills, creating ritual, and having fun.

The Pagan/Wiccan community meets weekly for informal Pagan Tea Time, as well as for business meetings.  We gather for rituals to celebrate the cycles of the moon and of the seasons, and put on the Annual May Pageant for the larger community.

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Yearly Events

  • Pangy Day May Pole Dance
  • Festival of Many Faiths: Winter Celebration