Eliot House

Eliot House is the home of the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life at Mount Holyoke College. It can be found in the heart of the College's beautiful campus. A center of activity, Eliot House is bursting with students, faculty and staff who attend the many programs, lunches, workshops, services, feasts and festivals that are held here.

Eliot House lounge, a large and colorful central living room, is very welcoming and "homey". Flags representing many faith groups hang from the ceiling. Stuffed couches and chairs beckon you to take a seat and relax with a beverage from our tea station.

The lounge is in almost constant use. In a typical week, we host Jumma Halal Lunch and Prayer, Muslima Conversation, Puja and Discussion and special events. Students often drop in to study or socialize on our comfy couches. We offer a craft area with supplies for those creative urges.

In addition to the lounge, Eliot has a main kitchen as well as kosher and halal kitchens. We also offer a Muslim Prayer Room, a Hindu Prayer Room and the Wa-Shin-An Japanese teahouse and garden. Eliot House is home base for the College Chaplains and Advisors.

For many students, Eliot House is a place where they learn more about themselves while discovering a meaningful sense of community. It's also a place where students can take on leadership roles, which range from planning an interfaith event, creating and leading group services to organizing a dinner celebration. We look forward to welcoming you soon.

If you have a disability and would like to attend any events in Eliot House, please contact Annie Clattenburg, 413-538-2054, or aclatten@mtholyoke.edu, one week in advance of the event to discuss your accommodation needs.